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Waiting past the horizon
you sense my patience
and the determination
of my dark.

Morbid, it sometimes lurks amongst the near.
Mordant, almost offending the senses,
yet somehow saccharine.

Weak, you are the first to succumb.
You embrace it with the strength of Hercules.
With clawing and gnawing and bawling and mewling,
you cling.

With crying, defying, implying, maligning;
caressing, obsessing, possessing, depressing;
the naughty dog is messing,
on the rug at my mind's door.

I had a dream
that I had a dream
that I had a dream
that I had a dream.

In it, you were writhing, sighing, shyly spying;
the dream expanded ever more,
and strangely - nevermore.

Hidden are sorrows
beneath the paled lit smiles
never to surface
Slender reed of freedom held tightly in my fist,
when used to stir emotion...
Becomes limitless

From my lofty perch,
indifferent laughter rains down
Upon a torrid sea of topaz
and saphire eyes in the night.
Tongues of fiery loss
cascades of true devotion
Wash the heart of the sinner,
lilly white.

I enter your small cell.
Administer the first strike.
Surprised by the onslaught,
your adrenaline began to spike

Fast on my feet I turned about,
your eyes now wide with fear;
My boot begins to strike small reminders
that Divine Bitch is here.

With cold, reptilian pursuit,
and feline eyes to track my prey
My slap ~ your face...
you stumble across the cell;
filthy whore, say it!
Say my name!
continue to put my fists to you,
fuck your little game!

Blood gushes from broken nose;
My hand had done the damage.
It is then that I rush you,
with all my lethal intent.

Over the toilet, you fall,
With me in hot pursuit;
bitchboy's fear was extant,
with panic at it's root.

Pisspanties whore, you shall always be,
yet, such naughty dogs should take heed;
you can't always get what you want.
But angry white-punks get what they need.

So on top of girly-boy I did descend,
Righteous wrath did God supply!
his eyes as big as saucers,
he knows his end is nigh.

I slap him hard across his face
One time, two times, three!
Hissing softly, through snarled lips,
"What now, you vapid tart?
Are you ready for MORE of me?!"

Date: 2013-02-27 05:28 am (UTC)
From: [personal profile] mystilicious
Yay I found you! <3

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